Get to know Abe

Abraham moved to LA County in 1997 and later ventured all around Los Angeles, CA. He has seen many perspectives of the music scene. While growing up his family was always involved with music/production. His dad was a Disc Jockey/host for many radio stations all around California including KissFM. He got to hear the hits of 70's, 80's and 90's everyday as he would join his dad at the radio station or at live events. There he started understanding what it meant to be an emcee, pump up the crowd and play good music. His two older brothers would introduce him to 90's hip hop/Rap/R&B while he attended punk/rock shows with his friends on the weekends.

Music has always been apart of his life and not just one genre but all flavors. After tossing his iPod and picking up turn tables he has been spinning non stop for the past 5+ years. Abraham has DJ'd/emcee all over California, Arizona & Vegas. He has spun at some of the top venues including the Cosmopolitan/ Beverly Hills hotel/Hotel Bel Air/Adamson House/Rancho Las Lomas/Verandas/Casa Romantica/the Terrenea, Aquarium of the pacific/ Natural History Musuem and many more. 

He has worked over 300 weddings and 200+ private events/mitzvahs/ birthdays/celebrations/proms & special events from small intimate gatherings to 2500+ crowds. His knowledge and experience in MCing allows him to take control of any crowd and guide them through the flow of the night. He spins all kinds of music from the best of the oldies to todays top hits. His passion is for good music to be played with a packed dance floor and his clients leaving with a night they'll never forget. 

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Get to know JosH

Joshua along with his brother moved to LA county in 1997 where and has lived in the area ever since. Growing up Joshua was routinely involved in music. His father was a morning Disk Jockey and worked throughout Los Angeles including at KISS FM. Joshua would often accompany his Father to the radio station, live events and remotes. It was here that Joshua first learned about music and the art of hosting events. He knew from a young age that his dream was to host and play music that could get a crowd going. 

While in college, Joshua began hosting and DJing on his own. Often working at Sorority  and Fraternity events but soon transitioned to more formal settings. He then began working High School dances, proms, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and other formal settings. He soon worked over 250+ events and it was here where he learned to hone his craft by exploring all types of music including, but not limited to; oldies, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, top 40, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Country, EDM, Trap and Jazz. If you request it for your event, Joshua will play it. 

For the last three years, Joshua has transitioned into the wedding industry and has enjoyed his experience. He has DJed/Emceed over 100 weddings all over Southern California.

When his brother Abraham opened up DJ Abe Entertainment, Joshua jumped at the opportunity to join his brothers team. 

When asked what is his favorite part of the night Joshua responded, “When I can look in the crowd and see the energy is as loud as the music"

My MiXes

Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, Top 40's, Oldies, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's...What do you want to HEAR?



Abraham was able to adapt on the fly without any problem and he made sure everyone got out to the dance floor and stayed there!  
— George Thomas and Lily Badger
DJ Abraham rocked it! From his professionalism, efficiency o happy go lucky attitude, the crowd had a great time!  As a wedding planner, it’ super important to have wonderful people working on a wedding with you.
— Blaire K.
If we could have a wedding every year we would have Abraham as our DJ each time.
— Kyle Oppel and Kristin Phelps
Day of, Abe was great at reading the crowd and making sure people were on the dance floor and energetic.
— Patrick Atwater and Katherine Jun
DJ Abraham was wonderful! He took the time to schedule several conference calls since we live in NYC. During every call, he made sure to listen to what was important to us, he understood the feel and vibe we wanted at different parts of our wedding, and was very knowledgable about music.
— Sam Wu and Ariane Ling
One guest said he hates wedding music, but was super impressed by our selection.... Abraham hooked us up! This is a 5+ Star vendor!
— Kevin Niehaus and Ryan McGann